Dream Chaser: noun / Dreamcatcher: antonym

What do you dream about? What sets your soul on fire? What motivates you to get up every single day thrilled and joyous? We all have dreams, you know this. But the majority of people aren’t actively pursing those dreams. You’re either merely being lazy, being discouraged, or you simply don’t want it bad enough. Do you hear that sound? It’s the sound of time ticking away. Because whether you like it or not I’m here to tell you that our time on this earth is limited; stop wasting it doing things that you aren’t passionate about.

Now before you go and sign those college drop out papers or submit your two weeks notice, be practical. Realize that sometimes, to get to those dreams you want there are a few steps you must climb to get there. Not everyones dreams are an arms length away. If your dream is to become a teacher, sorry to tell you but–you’ll need a degree first. That’s just how it works. I wish I could tell you that going to college is nonsensical and feckless, I wish I could tell all you aspiring writers (like myself) to drop everything and compose a literary masterpiece right this second. The reality of it is, you and I both know I can’t. There are many hoops to jump through first. That being said, this doesn’t mean to give up on your dreams. What I’m trying to tell you is to stop wasting time on things that aren’t bringing you closer to your end goal (as stated in the intro). If you’re like myself, a ravenous 19 year old English major who loves to read and write, you’ll hear this phrase a great deal: “what are you going to do with that?” or my absolute favorite “you’ll never find a job with that degree after college!” What I’ve noticed is that unless your passion is in the health sciences, or engineering department it’s not seen as a passion at all, but rather a profitless waste of time. Any career in the fine arts is regarded as weak and valueless. This is where so many dream bubbles are popped and passion is lost; because of other peoples opinions on “what is” or “is not” a pragmatic job, we see individuals shift their focus from a dream to an obligation. If that is you, and you’ve heard those phrases or something similar I want you to know that your passion is not useless, and it is certainly not valueless. When people say these things to us what happens is this: an aspiring chemist majors in English when he doesn’t even know the difference between “their” and “they’re”, or a musician majoring in biology when he could care less about mitosis. When people tell us that our dreams are stupid and useless, we deflect our focus to the dreams and values of others. And that is how we end up with nurses who could give 0 cares about patient advocacy, teachers who offer no help or support to their students, and architects building houses that need redone in a year. Every job is important, and every job is certainly needed.

As much as this blog is directed to the dreamers, in the same aspect it is directed to the dream crushers as well. This world is cruel enough, we need more strong writers, nurses, and brave firefighters–not the latter. So to the amorous writer majoring in nursing, stop wasting your energy and skills in a field you know you don’t belong in. I’ll say it again: life is too short to waste time on the things you are not passionate about. The things people say are not always true. If you work for the things you want in life they will come. You do not have to make 6 figures to be content in life. If you aspire to be a billionaire–go for it. But personally, I would rather make less money and be content with my job than make thousands of dollars going to a job I hate every day. I think its time we stop settling for less and letting peoples opinions get in the way of our lives. If you’re the “lazy” individual I mentioned in the beginning, get up and do something. Nothing you truly want in life is going to come by you sitting on your butt and doing nothing. If your career field isn’t so promising, get an internship, make some calls and connections. Some of the wealthiest people started in a career that wasn’t so promising; with hard work and determination, you can make your dreams a reality.

The moral of this whole essay I just typed is to go after what you want in life. Despite peoples judgements. Despite what you might fear. Because fear is a paralytic, and people are negative. You can have almost anything you want in this life within reason. You have to be willing to work for it and sometimes fight like hell, but if your dreams are at the end of the track the hurdles in life are so worth it. I wish all of you that read this nothing but happiness in this life. Have an amazing and blessed week!!!!

Much love,





4 thoughts on “Dream Chaser: noun / Dreamcatcher: antonym

      • oh my god congrats!! how did your parents react if you don’t mind me asking? I’m in the same bubble as you used to be but i’m TERRIFIED to tell them.


      • Of course! At first my parents weren’t really ok with it. They were pretty mad at me. But, I still stuck to my guns and did it anyway. At the end of the day you need to do what makes you happy, not your parents. They eventually got over it and accepted it. Because they know how happy writing makes me. They know how passionate I am about this. And even though jobs in fine arts are hard to find, I’m making sure I’m doing everything possible to make it easier. Applying for internships, working around writers/editors what have you. So if they see you’re putting the hard work in to make your dream become a reality, they’ll likely be more accepting!! Go for it!!! It’s scary, but I’ve never been happier in my choice. If you have any other questions or need some more advice, feel free to email me!!! I hope this helps!! I’d love an update as well!
        (tamiaa.0623@yahoo.com) email me if you wish!! Have a blessed day!


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