So, you’re probably wondering why I’m starting a blog..or you’re probably not. Either way, I’m going to tell you why in a simple paragraph! Ever since elementary I’ve been someone who loves to write, whether it be for school papers that everyone normally dreads, or just writing in my free time, writing is something I genuinely enjoy. I do have hopes of one day becoming a writer, but for now I’m just a public health major and I write on the side. The purpose of this blog is just a way for me to write what I have in my heart. Not necessarily like a diary, I wont be writing blogs about my boy crushes, or life problems (I have a lot lol), but more so about Jesus and some helpful college tips I’ve learned in my year and a half of college. Writing is something I’ve always enjoyed, and I like to give advice so I figured a blog is a pretty good combination of both! I hope that by reading my “daily” (maybe)  posts I somehow inspire someone in some way, lead someone to Jesus(something I truly hope to accomplish), or just brighten someones day! This post is getting kind of long for a basic intro, so I’ll end it here! See ya here again for my first “real” post! Have a blessed day!!

-Veronica Tutson 🙂


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